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Address: Armenia, Kotayk Marz, vil. Arzni

Telephone: +374-93-88-88-05; +374-222-6-31-09; +374-10-27-41-77


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Executive:  Ararat S. Mahtesyan

Established year: 1969

Working days:  Monday – Sunday

Working hours:  24 hours


  • General activity 
  • Spa treatment
  • Organizing leisure and entertainment activities, business meetings

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Armenia, Kotayk Marz, vil. Arzni
+374-93-88-88-05; +374-222-6-31-09; +374-10-27-41-77

  • Recretion centr "Health Resort Arzni" is a whole complex  with are necessary for treatment and rest  organization.
  •  It is  situated at a height of 1250 meters above sea level on the 23th km to the North of Yerevan,on the slope of the gorge covered with forest and shrubbery,where clear and ringing purl of Hrazdan river could be heard.
  •  Climate in Arzni is continentel, winter is soft (average temperature in January  -5 C), summer is pleasantly cool (average temperature in July is +22 C), Autumn is warm and long-lasting.
  •  Sunny days of the year makes 2236 hours.
  •  "Arzni" by the amount of clear days exceeds all the health resorts of the Caucasus.
  •  Atmospheric pressure is stable, without sharp changes and it is equal to 657 mm of the mercury column.
  •  The main therapeutic factors of the health resort are considered carbonic sorbonic sodium chloride carbonate waters, as well as climatic conditions of the highlands to which low atmospheric pressure is typical. Considerable quanitity of carbon dioxide  in mineral waters (1,25-2,0g/1) and availabilith of diverse mineral elements (8-10g/1) are of particular importance for the effective treatment.
  • On the Mechanism of influence of Arzni mineral water
  • The effect of Arzni mineral water on the body is conditioned by:
  • 1. the presence of bicarbonate-chloride-hydrocarbonate-sodium salts;
  • 2. the mineral composition of water;
  • Due to the above factors, the whole vascular system of the organism gets expanded. The main factor affecting the body is the carbon dioxide in the water, which irritates the nerve receptors of the skin, causing a reflex extension of capillaries, which increases venous blood flow and hence the heart rate. As a result, the blood circulation and nutrition of the heart muscle improves, as well as the oxidation-reduction processes in tissues.
  • Our health resort offers:
  • - baths with Arzni mineral water, pine baths
  • - clay therapy
  • - treatment of spine problems with NUGA BEST massage device with tibetan natural nephrite
  • - hydrotherapy: underwater massage, circular, radial, vertical and rain showers and Charcot's douche
  • - manual therapy: massage, therapeutic exercises, walks in alleys
  • - paraffinotherapy, peat therapy
  • - inhalation and oxygen therapy
  • - acupuncture
  • - intestinal and gastric lavage with mineral water
  • - pelvic lavage with mineral water
  • - electrophysiotherapy: electrophoresis, D'Arsonval, UHF, quartz, ultrasound therapy, amplipulse therapy, electric sleep
  • Treatment of diseases at our health resort
  • 1. Diseases of the cardiovascular system:
  •    a/ coronary artery disease: stenocardia, postinfarction cardiosclerosis
  •    b/ hypertension of I or II degree
  •    c/ myocarditis caused by rheumatic and other reasons, 6-8 months after the acute state
  •    d/ myocardiodystrophy caused by various reasons
  •    e/ neurosis of the cardiovascular system
  • 2. Chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract:
  •    a/ chronic inflammatory diseases of the stomach and intestines
  •    b/ gastric and duodenal ulcers
  •    c/ chronic inflammatory diseases of liver, gallbladder and pancreas
  • 3. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  •    a/ arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis
  • 4. Metabolic disorders:
  •    a/ diabetes (mild to moderate severity)
  •    b/ disturbance of lipid exchange
  •    c/ gout
  • 5. Chronic inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs
  • 6. Neurosis, exhaustion
  • .
  • Price and Reservation
  • Leisure
  • Our visitors enjoy their spare time at our resort playing billiards, tennis, chess, attending the cinema hall or the sports hall with various training equipment.
  • The resort area also hosts a mini football, basketball and volleyball grounds, as well as an indoor swimming pool.
  • The resort is suitable for holding cultural events, organizing sightseeing tours to historical places and monuments.
  • Why choose us?
  • 1. We’re close to Yerevan, just 23 km away (15 min drive);
  • 2. Climate conditions:
  • a/ mild weather,
  • b/ stable barometric pressure,
  • c/ altitude: 1250 m above sea level (Jermuk, for comparison: 2085 m);
  • 3. Reasonable prices compared to those at other health resorts of the region;
  • 4. We’re the only health resort in the region and the former USSR territory for coronary artery disease, post-infarction and post-stroke rehabilitation;
  • 5. All treatment procedures are carried out within the health resort area;
  • 6. The warm and willing attitude of the personnel;
  • 7. We’re open round year


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